Remo Wakeford | Video Production Specialist

Video Production Specialist

Remo Wakeford is a video production specialist for the Illinois Policy Institute. In this role Remo works on delivering video content that relates directly to issues and ideas that Illinois Policy deals with on a daily basis.

Previously, while living in Ireland, Remo worked for a start-up company that dealt with cremation technology in the funeral industry. Due to his wide variety of abilities he was able to take on many roles in areas such as industrial design, engineering and marketing. While working with this company he also took on freelance roles that included product design, photography and videography.

Remo earned his bachelor of technology degree in Industrial design at The University of Johannesburg in South Africa. While there he won a couch design competition and also became a finalist in a product design competition for a local lifestyle magazine. He currently resides in a beautiful town near the city and has developed a great interest in the state politics as well as the food culture in Chicago.