Expanding record sealing

February 3, 2017
Status: Sent to Governor




Would expand record sealing eligibility, allowing ex-offenders with previous nonviolent, nonsexual felony convictions to apply to have their records sealed from most viewers, except for law enforcement agencies and employers in sensitive fields such as schools and financial institutions.

Nearly 50 percent of ex-offenders in Illinois are back in prison within three years – but a job changes that. Illinois ex-offenders who are employed a year after release can have a recidivism rate as low as 16 percent, according to research from the Safer Foundation. Reforms such as record sealing expansion make it likelier that ex-offenders will be able to find work – and stop cycling in and out of prison. That means they and their families will have a chance to succeed. And the more ex-offenders enter this virtuous cycle – instead of returning to prison – the better off the state and taxpayers will be, too.

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Passed Both Houses