“I was a school board member for 17 years. I didn’t run again this past winter, so my term ended in April.”

“During this last year, when I was on the board, I was adamant about trying to do something to get these kids out of all these COVID-19 restrictions. Its not a big school, and we simply aren’t affected to the degree of bigger schools.”

“So, we started this group called ‘We Stand for Our Students,’ and I think five or six counties in this part of Illinois have joined. Our main goal is for our parents to have a choice. If they want to put a mask on their child, that’s their choice.”

“Every single thing that’s done in a public school has to have parental consent whether that’s giving them some Tylenol if they got a headache or permission to go on a field trip. And now we’re telling parents they don’t have a choice when they have to mask their child, and that’s just not right.”

“At the end of the day, it is the people’s choice to do what they believe is best for their local districts, and we’re not allowed to do that.”

“I don’t understand why union leaders really seem to be going against what’s in the best interest of the children. There are vaccines, and if you believe that they work, and they’ve taken the vaccine, why are they pushing for closures and these other strict guidelines?”

“Our teachers really, for the most part, have been very good to work with, but I do think there’s a deep-seated notion in the teachers union that they have to absolutely follow these masking guidelines or else. For the life of me, I don’t understand it.”

“No one has ever come to me and told me a solid answer about why they want to mask children other than to say, ‘Well, that’s the state guideline.’”

“Well, we’ve been open, too, down here, but we thought and the superintendent believes that they had to strictly follow the rules that the state puts out, even though the board disagreed with that, they still follow those rules as an administrator.”

“So, our kids were masked, subject to quarantines and contact tracing or something of that nature, and we just want that to end all across the state.”

“The State Board of Education should not have their nose in school operations on such a micro level. And for some reason they continue to dictate specific operational procedures and spread fear.”

“A lot of superintendents are speaking out on Twitter or sending letters and pleading with the state for solid guidance on what they need to do this fall. And to me, I think that’s wrong.”

“I believe they should be writing ISBE and informing them that their board will make decisions locally instead of asking permission. The school board should be the ones in charge setting the guidance, and it’s odd that they seem to have to ask the state.”

“We don’t have to ask the state. We have a constitution, and we have a system of governance set up where the people elect school board members and those school board members govern their school. It’s really that simple.”

“Personally, I live out on a gravel road 15 miles from our school on a farm and people in Naperville for example, may have no idea what that’s like. But, everybody is in agreement that they want to do what’s best for the kids.”

“Someone needs to stand up and be the voice for these children. They want to have that choice in their own district, and we’re not being given that by the governor with all these orders he’s giving to the State Board of Education and the Department of Public Health.”

Steve Lucie
Farmer, rancher, retired school board member
Warsaw, Illinois