2 in 3 Chicagoans disapprove of Mayor Brandon Johnson on crime

2 in 3 Chicagoans disapprove of Mayor Brandon Johnson on crime

When it comes to crime, 66% of Chicago voters disapprove of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s job performance, according to the newest Lincoln Poll. Just 25% of Democrats approve.

Most Chicago voters don’t approve of Mayor Brandon Johnson’s handling of crime, according to the newest Lincoln Poll.

The poll of 800 Chicago voters was conducted Oct. 18-22 for the Illinois Policy Institute by Echelon Insights. Asked how they thought Johnson was doing handling crime and public safety, 66% somewhat or strongly disapproved and 21% somewhat or strongly approved.

When broken down by political party, most Democrats, independents and Republicans polled disapproved of how Johnson has handled crime. Democrats showed the most support, but it was only 25% of them.

Voters were also asked if they would like to see a larger or smaller police presence in the city than at present. Nearly 3 in 4 voters, or 73%, said they would prefer a larger police presence in the city.

Chicago Police Department vacancies have hovered around 1,000 open positions for the past few years, and are 1,700 fewer than when former Mayor Lori Lightfoot took office. Johnson’s latest budget for the city includes nearly $2 billion for the CPD, but he’s also said about 400 positions would be filled by civilians.

The full results from the Lincoln Poll can be found by clicking here.

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