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Traci Crosby

"There’s a public school, but it wasn’t the same as CAA. There, she was connected instantly. If this scholarship program ends, that’s just something we have to be prepared for.”

Wilbert Adams Jr.

"I had a good future in that field, but God had another plan and he changed my life. The addiction caused me to draw close to God, and God drew close to me and put me in his service.”

Mary Curtis

“I want people to look past the numbers, look at the advocacy of parents and the benefits of a child being in Catholic schooling."

Ian Holmes-White

“Mom says the cost is normally $700 a month and we’re paying about $100. If the scholarship goes away, I’m afraid that my future could be in jeopardy. My friends and my support system could disappear overnight.”

Krystal Roberts

“Think about your kid struggling throughout high school or struggling in middle school, trying to find a place to fit in and finding purpose. Think about all the kids who could be able to find their purpose and be able to move into something positive because of this scholarship.”

Celia Bermudez

“Our public school is overcrowded; safety is a concern. Also, we noticed the difference in the homework at their private school. My children there are more prepared for college.”

Sabrina Sibby

“If these scholarships end, it may result in me having to quit my job and homeschool my son. Having the scholarship allows them to be in a safe, respectful and trauma-free environment."

Jennifer Farrand

“I’m a firm believer that a child’s ZIP code should not determine their outcome. And that the tax credit scholarship helps level the playing field and provide equity for children, particularly children of color to get access to the best education for them.”

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