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Linda Ekendahl

“I hope the property taxes don’t push me out into that level where I’m going to have to move because moving a business is also expensive. I’m hopeful it will work out, but I might have to be creative.”

The Rev. Phalese Binion

“Amendment 1 is going to harm me personally because it will raise my property taxes. Taxes on my property are already astronomical."

Argie Karafotias

“I’m a restaurant owner, and an immigrant. Serving food to my community is my American Dream come true.” “Thanks to our customers and friends, our family business survived the pandemic.” “We were doing great recovering until last November when this inflation started and since then everything has been up from 60% to 100%. I see...

Anthony Travis

“Where does it stop? This amendment opens doors for a windfall of things that should not be covered by the constitution.”

Marcus Lucy

“Inflation is definitely hitting me on the personal side."

Marion Gipson

“Sometimes I think about how many more customers we’d have if the city wasn’t so overbearing about tickets and taxes.”

Sam Sanchez

“It’s tough because many businesses closed and those that survived are having a slower recovery. There are a lot of people, including myself, who haven't been able to fully reopen because we’re short-staffed. The cost of labor has increased so much, it’s hard to compete.”

Jerome Cooper

“Higher property taxes from Amendment 1 would mean I’m gonna have to leave Illinois because I can’t afford to stay here."

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