Chicago pension funds still among nation’s worst funded

By Seton O'Scannlain
Over-promised benefits continue to sink Chicago’s finances as the recent bear market eats into 2021 stock market gains. Investments gaining 25% last year plus federal aid didn’t offer much help to city pension systems, which have more debt than 45 states.

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Illinois retiree: Amendment 1 could cost me my home

By Ann Miller
Voters decide Nov. 8 whether to pass Amendment 1 – a hidden tax hike that could cost Illinois taxpayers, including fixed-income retirees, their homes and put homeownership farther out of reach for young families.

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Lawmakers should let Illinoisans vote on tax hikes

By Joe Tabor, Seton O'Scannlain
Amendment 1 has many more negatives than voters will ever realize, but one of those is a $2,100 property tax hike. Illinoisans should vote on all taxing and spending hikes, not just those presented to them as vague constitutional amendments.

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