Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

The cost of Illinois’ lawmakers

Illinois lawmakers pay themselves the fifth-highest annual lawmaker base salary in the country.

By John Klingner, Ted Dabrowski

Rauner vetoes SEIU-backed bills that would have cost over $100M annually

Two bills attempting to provide taxpayer-funded training programs for SEIU would have been costly for the state.

By Heather Weiner

What would happen to union members, nonmember workers and the state if AFSCME strikes

A potential strike from the state’s largest government-worker union would be the first of its kind, and could cost its members the most.

By Mailee Smith

Mapping a way to term limits

More than 60 percent of Illinois’ state legislative races in 2016 will be uncontested.

By Austin Berg

Economic freedom enables success after prison

Eliminating barriers to opportunity would benefit both ex-offenders and the state of Illinois.

By Bryant Jackson-Green

HB 5104 would hinder state in subcontracting for medical care for IDOC inmates

A bill that has been sent to Gov. Bruce Rauner would hamstring the state in subcontracting for medical services for inmates of the Illinois Department of Corrections, compromising the state’s ability to provide the best, most cost-effective care.

By Mailee Smith

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner signs marijuana decriminalization bill

Effective immediately, possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana in Illinois is punishable by a fine, instead of a misdemeanor with possible jail time.

By Bryant Jackson-Green

Rauner signs bill to limit local government travel expenses

New law would tackle wasteful spending by local governments, and be a welcome change for taxpayers.

By Heather Weiner

Lake Zurich school district will use fingerprint IDs for student purchases

Lake Zurich Community Unit School District 95 joins a growing number of Illinois school districts instituting biometric-information-based technology for purchases, raising concerns about privacy.

By Amy Korte

Peru City Council votes to put township consolidation question on November ballot

Taxpayers in Peru, Ill. will have the option this November to dissolve their township, which could eliminate waste and ease their tax burden.

By Mindy Ruckman

Illinois Nurses Association lobbies for HB 5104 to protect IDOC union jobs

The Illinois Nurses Association is lobbying for a bill that would force taxpayers to pay for Illinois Department of Corrections medical employees who are no longer needed and would impede the state’s ability to subcontract to improve medical services for inmates.

By Mailee Smith

Illinois tax code punishes entrepreneurs

Uniquely burdensome taxes and fees make Illinois unfriendly to entrepreneurs, and drive businesses and families out of state.

By Michael Lucci

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