Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

Illinois trial bar peddles myths about workers’ compensation

The trial bar’s claim of profiteering is misdirection from the real issues. But if the trial bar wants more regulation of profit rates, it should begin with regulation of the profit rates of law firms that make their business on workers’ compensation cases.

By Michael Lucci

Useless committees provide political pay raises for state lawmakers

Buried in the House rules lawmakers passed in January are a dozen new committees, bringing the total number of standing committees in the House to 45. Committee chairs receive a $10,326 stipend annually.

By Austin Berg

Dispelling AFSCME’s myths about contract negotiations with the state of Illinois

State workers represented by AFSCME just voted to authorize a strike. Unfortunately, members might have based their votes on myths perpetuated by the union.

By Mailee Smith

AFSCME members don’t have to go on strike: They can become fair share payers

Illinois state workers who don’t want to go on strike can become fair share payers. Here’s how.

By Mailee Smith

Illinois state workers risk losing jobs by going on strike

State workers represented by AFSCME are currently voting on whether to authorize a strike - here's what's at stake for employees who decide to honor a strike.

By Mailee Smith

AFSCME workers: Don’t want to lose money and risk your job? Become a fair share payer

With a strike looming, state workers should know they have another option: becoming fair share payers. Fair share employees receive all the benefits guaranteed in a union-negotiated contract, but the union cannot punish them for working during a strike.

By Mailee Smith

Illinois Senate Grand Bargain

Chicago officials announce $325K in TIF spending … on batting cages

The city’s latest taxpayer-funded development project reinforces the need to eliminate tax increment financing in favor of honest and transparent city budgeting.

By Chris Lentino

AFSCME’s sweetheart deal

Public-sector unions enjoy perks and privileges that are foreign to union and nonunion workers in the private sector.

By Diana Rickert

Illinois state workers authorize strike

After months of obstructing progress on a contract for state workers, members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees have voted to authorize a strike – a walkout on state taxpayers – should leadership issue the call.

By Mailee Smith

Never enough: AFSCME votes to strike, declines Rauner’s contract offer that retained many lavish perks

The state’s largest government-worker union just voted to authorize a strike for state workers. The union perpetuates a myth that Gov. Bruce Rauner is waging war on the middle class – all while ignoring that his contract offer to state workers includes benefits unavailable to most Illinoisans working in the private sector.

By Mailee Smith

5 questions, 5 guiding principles for an Illinois ‘grand bargain’ budget framework

Illinois lawmakers need a new approach to budget-making – one that takes into account the state’s financial mess, shows respect for taxpayers, and prioritizes spending to meet the needs of the poorest and most disadvantaged residents.

By Michael Lucci