Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

Asset forfeiture in Illinois: What it is, where it happens, and reforms the state needs

Most people expect Illinois law enforcement to defend the private property of Illinois residents. As long as you obey the law, your life, liberty and property should be secure from the law – or so common sense would suggest. Yet, every year, Illinois law enforcement agencies take tens of millions of dollars in cash, vehicles,...

By Ben Ruddell, Bryant Jackson-Green

Ex-offenders less likely to quit their jobs, no more likely to be fired than other employees

Although a new study by Northwestern University researchers shows ex-offenders can make good hires, obstacles such as negligent-hiring liability hinder employers willing to give ex-offenders a chance.

By Amy Korte

Illinois lawmakers are suing the state for their paychecks

A group of state representatives has filed a lawsuit against Illinois Comptroller Leslie Munger.

By Austin Berg

Illinois House fails to override bill tying prevailing wage to union rates

The proposed legislation would have hiked costs for taxpayers and undermined market forces, all to benefit special interests.

By Madelyn Harwood

Reps. Franks and McSweeney look to tackle lame-duck tax hikes

Lame-duck session allows lawmakers already ousted by voters to act with reckless abandon before leaving the Statehouse.

By Austin Berg

Rauner vetoes state bailout of CPS pensions

Gov. Bruce Rauner vetoed the $215 million bailout of Chicago Public Schools’ ailing teachers’ pension fund.

By Ted Dabrowski

Illinois legislators pitch proposals to stop lame-duck tax hikes

Illinois needs structural reforms to fix its fiscal problems, not a tax hike by lawmakers on their way out the door.

By Ted Dabrowski

Lame Duck

Madigan spokesman, trial bar peddle myths about workers’ comp

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s spokesman, Steve Brown, has repeatedly implied that Illinois insurance companies are hoarding cost savings. However, this couldn't be happening unless insurance companies were colluding in violation of anti-trust laws, and there's no evidence they are. Illinois trial lawyers have echoed Brown's sentiments, but they don't seem to see evidence of anti-trust violations either given that they haven't brought lawsuits against insurance companies for violating federal anti-trust law.

By Michael Lucci

AFSCME skirts legal requirements to file lawsuit against Illinois in union-friendly court

AFSCME’s most recent ploy is a clear demonstration of its discard for the labor process. The union isn’t interested in fair negotiations and outcomes – it is only interested in skewing the process to serve its own goals.

By Ted Dabrowski

Cards Against Humanity’s ‘Holiday Hole’ is the perfect metaphor for Illinois

Unlike the people who voluntarily have given tens of thousands of dollars toward Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday hole-digging gag, Illinois taxpayers are forced to pour money into the state's ever-growing budget and pension gaps.

By Eric Kohn

McDonald’s counters Fight for $15 with automation nationwide

Calls for a minimum-wage hike nationwide and in Illinois are increasingly met with businesses’ use of technology to cut costs.

By Joe Kaiser

Madigan nears title of longest-serving House speaker in U.S. history

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan told reporters he has “overwhelming support” to be re-elected to his longtime post come January. Another two-year term would bring his total tenure as speaker of the House to 34 years.

By Austin Berg