Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

Chicago’s new Airbnb ordinance greets visitors to the city with a 21 percent tax bill

The city’s new ordinance will punish visitors to the city with a 21 percent hotel tax bill.

By Chris Lentino

Pensions over people

The pension problem was created and has been fueled by weak politicians – men and women who decided their next elections were more important than the next generation.

By Austin Berg

Madigan is missing

Madigan holds up budget to push bailout of Chicago Public Schools

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s insistence that Chicago Public Schools receive more than its fair share of state education funding is putting any stopgap budget deal at risk.

By Ted Dabrowski, John Klingner

Spring of inaction: 2016 legislative session proves Illinois needs a taxpayer bill of rights

Illinoisans need a taxpayer bill of rights so that politicians must ask permission from voters if they want to raise taxes.

By Mindy Ruckman

AFSCME uses prisoners as pawns in budget debate

A representative from the state-worker union called for collective action from governments of prison towns to force Gov. Bruce Rauner’s hand in the budget debate, which could expose thousands of incarcerated Illinoisans to squalid, dangerous conditions.

By Austin Berg

More than 300 Cook County Jail employees called in sick during Game 7 of the NBA Finals

The Cook County Jail was placed on lockdown after 317 guards called in sick during Game 7 of the NBA Finals on June 19.

By Cole Lauterbach

Chicago passes new rules on Uber and Lyft

The city will require rideshare drivers to complete an online course before hitting the road, and will allow ridesharing platforms such as Uber and Lyft to continue conducting their own background checks.

By Austin Berg

Instead of whacking Uber, Evanston looks to lift burden on taxis

The city of Evanston offers a path forward for governments to level the playing field between traditional taxis and ridesharing.

By Austin Berg

Kristina Rasmussen named President and Chief Operating Officer of Illinois Policy

Kristina Rasmussen has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of Illinois Policy Institute and Illinois Policy Action. “Under Kristina’s leadership, the Illinois Policy Institute has become the state’s most prominent taxpayer watchdog – fighting for an honest, efficient and transparent government, the right to earn a living and economic policies that create jobs and...

By illinoispolicy

Uber and Airbnb ordinances show Chicago ushering in new era of hyperregulation

In the face of fleeing residents, the Chicago City Council has chosen to add more and more layers of regulation instead of reforming.

By Chris Lentino

Illinois day care regulations burden working mothers, fail to make children safe

Illinois’ overly restrictive rules governing day care facilities drive up costs and make high-quality child care unaffordable for many families, while doing nothing to enhance child safety.

By Mark Adams