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Palatine school board approves $130 million building referendum for November ballot

Palatine-area Community Consolidated School District 15 is once again a hotbed of debate, as the school board that recently tied taxpayers to a 10-year union contract has now approved a $130 million building referendum to be placed on the November ballot. Before voting, residents need to take into consideration the school board’s history of closed-door decision-making, as well as the substantial economic impact the referendum could have on local taxpayers.

By Mailee Smith

Tobacco maker plans to leave Illinois

Altria announces plant closures in Illinois and Pennsylvania.

By Brendan Bakala

Google Fiber pauses Chicago operations

Tech giant suspends plans to bring fiber optics to Windy City in favor of a wireless approach.

By Brendan Bakala

AFSCME leaders rejected offer of bereavement leave, performance bonuses

AFSCME and Gov. Bruce Rauner are deadlocked in negotiations for a new contract for Illinois state workers. AFSCME claims to advocate for its members — but union leadership has turned its back on contract provisions that would benefit state employees and their families.

By Mailee Smith

Transportation “lockbox” amendment is a bad idea

The Illinois Constitution shouldn't be trivialized by a convoluted mess of budget restrictions.

By Ted Dabrowski

Chicago politicians angry over losing World Series ticket perk

A new ethics ruling prohibits aldermen from getting World Series tickets at face value — a perk not afforded to most of the public.

By Joe Kaiser

Food-stamp enrollment outpaces population growth in Illinois

Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has increased more than six times the rate population has grown over the last five years.

By Mindy Ruckman

Madigan’s Illinois chainsaw massacre

BLS September jobs report: Illinois has only shrinking labor force of all surrounding states

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show Illinois’ professional and business services sector has fared better than the state’s manufacturing industry, which recorded 800 job losses in September.

By Michael Lucci

Damage from Edgar ramp obscured by dotcom boom

Former Gov. Jim Edgar’s pension compromise with House Speaker Mike Madigan in the 1990s set the state’s pension funds down an unsustainable road.

By Ted Dabrowski, John Klingner

Executive order equips Illinoisans to take on red tape

Gov. Bruce Rauner has ordered executive agencies to review all their regulations for necessity, clarity and statutory authority and to mark for repeal or revision rules that don’t meet those criteria.

By Madelyn Harwood

Colbert Packaging moves division to Wisconsin from Illinois

Division president cites Wisconsin’s favorable business environment as chief reason for move.

By Brendan Bakala

Chicago to propose restrictive licensing for pharmaceutical reps

A proposal to license pharmaceutical reps amounts to costly fees and red tape that will do little to promote public health and safety.

By Madelyn Harwood