Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

House resolution would oppose Illinois Senate’s internet streaming tax

Legislation with bipartisan support in the House would oppose the internet streaming tax proposal – which might not even be legal – in the Senate’s “grand bargain.”

By Joe Kaiser

Already among the nation’s highest, DuPage property tax rates to increase this year

With hundreds of taxing bodies in their county and inaction from Springfield, DuPage homeowners will soon see yet another property tax increase.

By Joe Kaiser

Chicago Tribune investigation shows $2 million being spent on bonuses for the state lottery’s outgoing management firm

Despite being axed for bad performance, and in some cases not even doing its job, Northstar Lottery Group is collecting millions in fees and bonuses.

By Brendan Bakala

SB 1288 could chip away at Illinois’ crony liquor laws

A bill in the Illinois Senate would provide certain alcohol producers some freedom within the state’s three-tier system – which has been maintained through measures limiting competition and benefiting the politically connected.

By Joe Kaiser

Unbalanced Budget Response Act would allow Rauner to make cuts to balance the budget

Illinois House Bill 3868 would give Gov. Bruce Rauner the authority to trim costs and reorder the state’s spending priorities to balance the budget.

By Amy Korte

‘Grand bargain’ would cut private sector pay and continue government worker perks

Illinois state government works to prioritize special interests over taxpayers – and the budget deal being negotiated in the Senate would continue that.

By Michael Lucci

Prestige Metals to move from Illinois to Wisconsin

The small sheet metal fabricator will move from its current facility in Antioch, Ill., to an 8-acre location in Bristol, Wis.

By Brendan Bakala

‘Evidence-based’ education funding doesn’t work, would cost Illinois taxpayers billions

An education-funding plan in the General Assembly is already proven to make unattainable goals at a high cost to taxpayers.

By Ted Dabrowski, John Klingner

Return of the Grand Bargain

Poll shows ‘large majorities’ of Illinois voters support legalizing marijuana

Illinoisans of all ages, political party affiliations and regions of the state favor legalizing marijuana and regulating and taxing it like alcohol, as provided in legislation proposed by state Rep. Kelly Cassidy on March 22.

By Hilary Gowins

Workers’ compensation estimated to cost Illinois taxpayers nearly $1 billion per year

Workers’ compensation is a significant cost to Illinois taxpayers and drains scarce tax dollars from government coffers. A previous report in this series estimated the direct cost of workers’ compensation to state, county and municipal governments is $402 million in worker payouts per year.1 Building upon those findings, this report estimates that the total cost of workers’ compensation to...

By Michael Lucci

Illinois has hurt its economy by piling on taxes since the Great Recession

State and local tax hikes in Illinois have hurt economic growth, lowered the standard of living, and contributed to out-migration.

By Michael Lucci