Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

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Food trucks fight for the right to exist

City officials in Chicago and across the state are crushing a pillar of the culinary community. But food trucks are fighting back.

By Austin Berg

Illinois entrepreneurs deserve the right to earn a living

Illinois lawmakers should support a statewide law that limits government business regulations to only those necessary and carefully tailored to serve a legitimate public health, safety or welfare purpose.

By Michael Lucci

Rauner, lawmakers push for IDs for ex-offenders

Gov. Bruce Rauner and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are supporting SB 3368, which would issue IDs to ex-offenders immediately upon release from prison, easing their transition to post-prison life and employment.

By Bryant Jackson-Green

Pardess Mitchell

“I was born and raised in Illinois. We’ve been living here in Lake County for 16 years, my husband and I. But our property taxes have gone up $5,000 over the past four years. The property taxes are now more than our mortgage – we’re paying more than $15,000 a year on a home we...

Peoria hits record low for manufacturing jobs amid CAT layoffs

The Land of Lincoln’s unfriendly climate for manufacturers has weakened Illinois cities, discouraged investment and made the state uncompetitive in the region.

By Michael Lucci

Madigan’s army: Power through patronage

Illinoisans have the lowest trust in state government of any state in the nation.

By Austin Berg

Motorola has begun new round of layoffs in Chicago

Motorola is expected to cut hundreds of workers from its Chicago operations.

By Amy Korte

Moody’s issues another CPS credit downgrade

Another credit downgrade shows borrowing, taxes and bailouts can’t fix CPS’ financial crisis, but real structural reforms are needed.

By John Klingner

Cook County board president proposes tax on sugary drinks

Implementing a taxpayer bill of rights could prevent Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle from increasing the county’s already-high tax burden.

By Mindy Ruckman

Madigan’s media “watchdogs”

Chicago Teachers Union authorizes strike

Many educators are wary of a strike’s hardships and long-term consequences for students, their families and the educators themselves. These teachers can remove themselves from CTU authority and the conflict between union priorities and students’ needs.

By Mailee Smith

Teachers who oppose CTU strike can opt out of union

Resigning from the union before the potential upcoming strike can protect teachers from union discipline.

By Mailee Smith

Why Illinoisans leave for Indiana: Elkhart, Ind., has 20,000 more jobs than workers

Policy reforms in Indiana have led to significant jobs growth, but lawmakers in the Land of Lincoln haven’t taken note.

By Michael Lucci