Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

An Illinois workers’ compensation system for the 21st century

The state of Illinois has one of the oldest workers’ compensation systems in America, dating to 1911.

By Mark Adams

AFSCME poll: Biased, pro-union questions omit key facts about contract negotiations with the governor

Despite prior agreements with the state, Illinois’ largest government-worker union is backtracking on its promises and distorting facts in order to reach its unreasonable demands.

By Mailee Smith

June jobs report: Illinois workforce shrinks by 36,000, working-age adults leaving the state

The month of June saw Illinois continue to lose jobs, as the state’s long-term economic woes continue to push workers out of the state.

By Michael Lucci

Deere announces 120 layoffs in East Moline

Moline, Ill.-based agricultural equipment maker will cut more than 100 jobs by September; Illinois’ manufacturing workers continue to struggle for job opportunities enjoyed by their counterparts in the region.

By Joe Kaiser

State workers’ jobs would still have job protections if they cross a picket line

AFSCME officials have indicated that the union is preparing to strike this fall.

By Illinois News Network

Madigan’s maps

Illinois preliminary June jobs report: Jobs and unemployment down as workforce shrinks

Illinois lost 2,200 jobs in June, and its unemployment rate dropped to 6.2 percent as more Illinoisans exited the labor force.

By Amy Korte

Fly away home

Every five minutes, Illinois loses a resident to another state.

By Austin Berg

Illinois tax hikes harm family incomes and stunt economic growth

Politicians’ quick answer to the state’s problems is consistently to raise taxes, but evidence shows tax hikes are a negative for families struggling in a state already lacking opportunity.

By Michael Lucci

Madigan’s map: Cook County judge blocks redistricting reform efforts

A longtime associate of House Speaker Mike Madigan is working to silence Illinois voters on the subject of political mapmaking.

By Austin Berg

Illinois General Assembly passes law allowing creation of ‘super TIFs’

A law passed by the Illinois General Assembly in June allows Chicago to create new transit-based super TIFs, adding more opportunities for city-run slush funds to divert and hoard property-tax dollars.

By Chris Lentino

Fixing Illinois’ outdated workers’ compensation system

Illinois’ workers’ compensation system has not evolved to meet the modern workplace, and is instead working more for special interests than employers and employees.

By Mark Adams

Dwyane Wade’s former house in South Holland, Ill., drops in value as property taxes soar

Property-tax hikes have caused taxes on NBA star Dwyane Wade’s former house to more than triple, driving away prospective buyers and showing the harm Illinois’ sky-high property-tax rates inflict on homeowners.

By Joe Kaiser