The Policy Shop

A weekly podcast tackling Illinois' most important issues.

Ep. 20: The Illinois exodus with Bryce Hill

According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, Illinois has seen eight consecutive years of population decline. The official 2020 counts showed Illinois lost population for the first Census in history. It cost the state one congressional seat. One person leaves Illinois every 4 minutes and 18 seconds. Illinois is losing people and political power. Bryce Hill...

Ep. 19: A COVID-19 education with Amy Korte

Parents and students across the state have had their lives turned completely upside down by COVID-19 and ongoing public school closures. And it isn’t over yet. Amy Korte joins the Policy Shop to discuss the ins and outs of receiving an education during the pandemic, from the perils of Zoom learning to how classrooms affect...

Ep. 18: 2022 and beyond with Jordan Ryan

When we look ahead at 2022, the year is full of potential. With a new legislative session beginning today, Illinois Policy is focused on policy solutions that can improve the lives and livelihoods of our Illinoisans around the state – including protecting unemployment insurance, expanding tax credit scholarships, repealing an auotmatic gas tax hike and...

Ep. 17: Getting a legislative win with Austin Berg

Guest: Austin Berg

Ep. 16: IPI: A free-market think tank in a big government state with Matt Paprocki

Guest: Matt Paprocki

Ep. 15: Helping families invest in kids with Amy Korte

Guest: Amy Korte

Ep. 14: Illinois’ local pension monster with Adam Schuster

Guest: Adam Schuster

Ep. 13: Thankful for Illinois small businesses with special guest Anderson’s Candy Shop

Guest: Katie Anderson