Taxpayers deserve say in the teachers’ union contracts they pay for

By Mailee Smith
Negotiations between government-worker unions and governing bodies are conducted behind closed doors, away from public scrutiny. And yet taxpayers are required to pay for whatever extravagant benefits the unions obtain. Recently a bill in the General Assembly would have brought more transparency – and accountability – to the process, but it failed to make it out of committee.

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Illinois lawmakers vote against bill to protect state workers from having their Social Security number shared with unions

By Mailee Smith
Through collective bargaining agreements with the state, government-worker unions require access to workers’ social security numbers – even if those workers are not members of the union. A bill protecting worker privacy recently failed to get enough votes to pass out of committee.

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Taxpayers lose first round to AFSCME in appellate court

By Mailee Smith
An Illinois appellate court issued an order on March 1 preventing Gov. Bruce Rauner from implementing his contract offer to AFSCME, the union that represents approximately 35,000 state workers. That means the state and Illinois taxpayers will continue to lose millions of dollars a month while the case proceeds.

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Opting out of AFSCME membership: FAQs on fair share payers

By Mailee Smith
AFSCME Executive Director Roberta Lynch announced Feb. 23 that union members voted to authorize a state worker strike. But state workers have another option. By becoming a fair share payer, state workers can report to work during a strike without facing union punishment. Here’s what state workers need to know about fair share status.

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