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The Illinois Policy Institute is the strongest voice for taxpayers in the state. We stand up for regular Illinoisans who deserve a voice in their government, but have been ignored in favor of special interests for too long. We educate and engage Illinoisans from all walks of life to ensure our state is a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Illinois is a place we should all be proud to call home.

The Illinois Policy Institute is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) research organization. Our partner organization, Illinois Policy, is an independent, nonpartisan 501(c)(4) advocacy organization.

The Illinois Policy Institute believes:

  • That civil and personal liberties must be protected and preserved.
  • Illinois should be a place where people of all talents, interests and cultural backgrounds can succeed with hard work and ingenuity.
  • In effective, efficient, honest and transparent government that is accountable to taxpayers and residents in need, not political special interests.
  • That the best policies empower people – and limit the power of government.
  • That a public pension system that threatens to bankrupt our state, drive down economic growth and evaporate retirements for public-sector workers is immoral — but that modest reforms can solve this crisis.
  • Property taxes must be brought under control so people are not forced out of their homes.
  • Workers deserve the right to choose whether a labor union serves their values and interests.
  • Economic policy should focus on creating jobs and opportunities for all.
  • Voters deserve choices at the ballot box and no politician is entitled to a “safe” seat.
  • Each child should have access to educational opportunities that prepare them for the future.

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