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IL - SB 103
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Gas tax increase

Would double the motor fuel tax set at the state level to 38 cents from 19 cents per gallon. The gas tax hike would take effect July 2019, and increase each year based on a formula tied to inflation but capped at 1 cent per year. This tax hike would come atop the layers of state and...
Introduced Jan 23, 2019
Passed Senate

Progressive income tax

Proposes to amend the Revenue Article of the Illinois Constitution. Removes a provision that provides that a tax on income shall be measured at a non-graduated rate. Provides that there may be one tax on the income of individuals and corporations (currently, there may be no more than one income tax imposed on individuals and...
Introduced Jan 29, 2019

Constitutional amendment to allow pension reform, protect earned benefits

Amends the pension clause of the Illinois Constitution to recognize a distinction between accrued, or “past,” benefits earned and future benefit accruals. Provides that pensions are a contractual relationship between the state or any of its political subdivisions and public employees. Provides that earned pension benefits cannot be diminished or impaired. Clarifies the pension clause...
Introduced Feb 13, 2019