Frequently Asked Questions

Does the institute accept commissioned research assignments?

No. We do not subscribe to “pay-for-play.” All initiatives are chosen independently and must fit into the institute’s overall mission.

Where does the institute publish its work?

Our work is published on Illinois Policy’s website, Much of our work also is promoted via social media on TwitterFacebook and YouTube, and is frequently the topic of local newspaper, radio or TV news.

Read, listen and watch some of our recent media features to better understand how our message is spread to audiences within Illinois, across the nation and even internationally.

Who funds the institute?

The institute is funded by the voluntary contributions of thousands of committed supporters from across the state who share our belief in free markets, free people and a more prosperous Illinois. We do not accept government grants of any kind or union funding.

We welcome support from a broad range of individuals, businesses and charitable foundations that share our values and are willing to support our work for a better, brighter Illinois. All donations are tax deductible.

Because the institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, our supporters’ names are kept private, although donors are free to share their reasons for supporting our efforts.

Does the institute endorse candidates?

No. The institute does not endorse candidates or donate to political parties. We’re thrilled, however, when they adopt our policy positions and advance good ideas that will lead to a better Illinois.

Do you lobby government?

The Illinois Policy Institute is a research and education organization and does not lobby. It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Illinois Policy is our partner organization. It is an independent, nonpartisan 501(c)(4) advocacy organization that engages in direct and grassroots work to improve the laws and regulations that affect Illinois taxpayers.

Are you an independent organization?

Yes. The institute is an independent organization at which principles always come first. Like most non-profits, our work is answerable to a Board of Directors entrusted with advancing our mission.

Is the institute part of the government?

No. The institute is an independent organization that does not accept government funding of any kind.

How long has the institute been active?

The institute was founded in 2002. Five years later, building on the foundation already in place, former CEO and Chairman of the Board John Tillman launched an expansive plan to build a robust, pro-growth and pro-market movement in Illinois.

The institute has since become a noted champion of common-sense solutions that appeal to a broad spectrum of Illinoisans.

What does the Illinois Policy Institute do?

We define the challenges facing Illinois residents, study how public policy reforms can help and then craft positive, innovative solutions based on free enterprise principles.

Our primary issue focus areas include:

  • Budget and tax
  • Education
  • Good government
  • Labor
  • Jobs and growth
  • Poverty

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