Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

Nearly 240 Cook County correctional officers call in sick for Super Bowl

Super Sunday sees 239 corrections officers – or 19 percent of the staff assigned to work that day – call in sick despite pleas to officers ahead of time from the Cook County Sheriff’s office.

By Brendan Bakala

Federal district court dismisses Illinois gamers’ biometric information privacy case against video game maker

A federal district court in New York has determined the mere violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act does not amount to an injury sufficient to allow video game players to sue in federal court.

By Amy Korte

No love for Illinois taxpayers

Illinois now surrounded by Right-to-Work states

Missouri has become the 28th state to enact Right to Work, causing Illinois’ regional competitiveness to decline further.

By Michael Lucci

A solution to the property tax problem

Illinois has by far the most units of government in the nation, at nearly 7,000.

By Austin Berg

Illinois lost 86,000 people on net to Wisconsin over the past decade

Illinois lost almost 24 residents per day to Wisconsin from 2006 through 2015.

By Madelyn Harwood

Illinois lawmakers can avoid a government shutdown and a bad budget deal by passing an appropriations measure

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is seeking a court order to stop paychecks to state employees. Many speculate she is trying to force the General Assembly into a budget deal – one that would be bad for Illinoisans. But the General Assembly doesn’t have to be bullied into a bad budget deal. It can pass an appropriations measure to fund state worker payrolls and keep government from shutting down.

By Mailee Smith

Illinois has highest combined sales tax burden in Midwest, seventh-highest in U.S.

Illinois politicians burden the state’s residents with the highest combined state and average local sales tax rate in the Midwest, along with numerous other taxes and fees.

By Brendan Bakala

Fitch downgrades Illinois’ credit rating

The New York-based credit agency cited the lack of action on a budget as the primary reason for the downgrade.

By Brendan Bakala

Chicago’s new plastic bag tax goes into effect Feb. 1

The new tax on plastic bags is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s latest revenue grab.

By Mindy Ruckman

CAT announces it will move corporate headquarters out of Peoria

With Peoria and downstate reeling, the Caterpillar move comes at a time of persistent disinvestment in Illinois manufacturing.

By Austin Berg

For many Illinoisans, the next recession is already here

Illinois lost 11,000 manufacturing jobs in 2016.

By Austin Berg