Illinois’ comeback story starts here.

Central Illinois suffers while legislators take spring break

Illinois hasn’t had a budget in two years. And it’s been more than 15 years since the state had a balanced budget. But lawmakers – who are currently on a two-week spring break – continue to be paid.

By Eric Kohn

Mautino pleads the Fifth in campaign finance case

The gas the Mautino campaign claims to have purchased over 16 years would equate to more than 35,000 miles every year. The circumference of the earth is 24,901 miles.

By Greg Bishop

Construction season means high costs for Illinois taxpayers

Insurance premiums cost 20 percent of payroll for concrete construction workers in Illinois.

By Michael Lucci

Illinois’ pension funds invested in risky, alternative investments

Nearly 38 percent of Illinois Teachers Retirement System assets are in so-called alternative investments.

By Greg Bishop

What Illinoisans should know about their taxes

The average income of taxpayers who leave Illinois is $20,000 more than the taxpayers who arrive here.

By Austin Berg

Caterpillar to move corporate headquarters to Deerfield

The industry giant’s move comes amid continued disinvestment in Illinois manufacturing.

By Austin Berg

Greater Chicago area lawmakers ignore needed reforms, head on spring break

While Chicago-area taxpayers struggle under a heavy tax burden, lawmakers – who continue to ignore reforms the state desperately needs – are now on a two-week vacation.

By Joe Kaiser

Lawmaker sponsors Airline Passenger Protection Act in wake of United Airlines incident

The legislation would prohibit airlines from “involuntarily removing” seated passengers, and the state from doing business with airlines that do.

By Eric Kohn

Madigan has spent nearly $170,000 in campaign funds on baseball tickets in 2017

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan reportedly uses his large quantity of Cubs and White Sox tickets as gifts for his political volunteers, but his history with professional sports teams in Chicago isn’t so generous.

By Joe Kaiser

Madigan turns 75

Illinois lawmakers want to regulate trampolines

Noble teachers beware: Unionizing invites CTU involvement in your school

Teachers seeking union representation in the Noble Network of Charter Schools may want to think again. Unions cause more harm than good for both students and teachers. The Chicago Teachers Union provides an up close and personal look at the disastrous impact unions would have on charter schools.

By Mailee Smith

Tax Day 2017: Where does Illinois’ $38.1 billion in tax revenue come from?

About two-thirds of state revenue comes from income and sales taxes.

By Craig Lesner