Brandon Johnson owes over $4K to Chicago, including tickets from 2014

Brandon Johnson owes over $4K to Chicago, including tickets from 2014

Mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson owes the city more than $4,000 in unpaid bills and fines, including traffic tickets dating back to 2014. With income over $178K, he invokes ‘working-class’ struggles.

Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson owes more than $4,000 in unpaid bills and fines to the city.

Johnson owes $3,357 in water and sewer bills as well as $1,044 in unpaid traffic tickets dating back to 2014 and 2015.

He made a $91.08 payment to his water and sewer charges on Feb. 13, his first payment since June 22, 2022.

Johnson’s campaign released a statement to Fox 32 Chicago.

“Like many working and middle class Chicagoans, the Johnson household has received various fines and fees from the City of Chicago over the years. These fines and fees are on a previously established payment plan and are on schedule to be fully resolved before Brandon Johnson takes office as our next mayor,” Johnson’s campaign said.

If Johnson were to win the April 4 election, state law prohibits him from taking office until his debts are paid.

Johnson currently makes $93,500 as Cook County Commissioner and an additional $85,906 as legislative coordinator for the Chicago Teachers Union.

He has campaigned on a platform of “taxing the rich,” pushing $800 million in new taxes and fees. One of Johnson’s campaign promises on his website is eliminating Chicago’s debt.

Johnson’s campaign is being funded by union cash, with 91% coming from labor funds. About half of his funding comes from teachers unions, including $5.6 million from his employer, the Chicago Teachers Union, and its affiliates.

The other candidate, Paul Vallas, has received most of his campaign funds from individual donors.

A new poll shows Johnson is tied with Vallas at 40%, with 20% still undecided. Visit the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners website to find your local polling place or a list of secured drop box locations for your mail-in ballot.

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