Chicago spending on migrants reaches nearly $300M as evictions begin

Chicago spending on migrants reaches nearly $300M as evictions begin

Chicago is approaching $300 million spent on the migrant crisis since the first bus arrived in 2022. Nearly two years later, more than 11,200 migrants are in the city shelters.

Chicago has spent $299 million on the migrant crisis since 2022, including $215 million since Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson took office in May 2023.

The “New Arrivals Mission” data shows 90% of spending has gone to three vendors:

  • Favorite Healthcare Staffing: $206 million
  • Equitable Social Solutions: $45 million
  • Open Kitchens: $23 million

Nearly 37,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago since August 2022. As of March 14, more than 11,200 migrants were living in shelters.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has grappled with decisions to evict migrants from city shelters as they near the end of the 60-day limit in shelters. Only three were evicted over the weekend while more than 2,000 are scheduled to be evicted by the end of April.

The city will exempt certain cases.

Data from the Illinois Comptroller shows the state has spent more than $58 million on asylum seekers. This doesn’t include other funding sources such as medical assistance, rental assistance or other benefits from local governments.

Johnson previously drew criticism for planning to use a Brighton Park location polluted with toxic heavy metals as a site for a tent camp to house new arrivals.

An Illinois Answers Project investigation found Chicago had failed to spend $44 million of the $52 million in federal pandemic relief funds budgeted for homelessness.

Johnson claims Bring Chicago Home will give the city money needed to fight homelessness. Before taking millions more from residents, the city should examine how it can better use $44 million in federal dollars it still has or the $200 million in its budget for homeless relief.

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