Chicago vote-by-mail applications close Feb. 23

Chicago vote-by-mail applications close Feb. 23

Chicagoans only have a few days left to register to vote by mail. If you apply by Feb. 23, you can vote from the privacy and comfort of your own home and take your time researching candidates.

The Feb. 28 Chicago municipal election is nearly here, but it’s not too late to apply to vote by mail.

Fill out this form by Feb. 23 to enroll. Besides being a good reminder to vote, mail ballots help prevent someone from stealing your identity to vote.

Choosing permanent vote-by-mail status allows Illinoisans to automatically receive mail-in ballots for all future elections without having to register each year. It serves as a handy reminder to vote.

The Illinois Policy Institute has a list of the nine Chicago mayoral candidates, their endorsements and positions on key issues.

A mail-in ballot needs to be postmarked by Election Day. It can also be delivered in person by using a drop-off box. Find your ward’s drop box here.

The system also allows you to track your ballot after returning it.

Voting by mail is secure, simple and backed by Illinoisans of all major political parties. Members of the U.S. military have used absentee voting since the American Revolution, and many Union soldiers voted by mail during the Civil War.

Obtaining a mail ballot does not prevent you from voting in person on Election Day. Just surrender the mail ballot to an election judge at your polling place in exchange for a traditional ballot. Doing so prevents someone else from pretending to be you and voting in your name.

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