Frequently asked questions about voting in Illinois

Frequently asked questions about voting in Illinois

This is an unprecedented year for voting in Illinois, thanks to COVID-19 and new voting laws. Here are some of the most common questions.

Question: Can I change my vote after I have submitted my ballot in Illinois?
Answer: No. Illinois does not allow you to withdraw your ballot and recast it.

Question: I submitted my mail-in ballot, but how do I know if it was counted?
Answer: You can verify your ballot was received and accepted by calling your local election authority, which is usually the county clerk’s office or the city clerk.

Question: I requested a mail-in ballot, but I’d rather vote in person instead. Can I?
Answer: Yes. Simply bring in your mail-in ballot to your polling place and exchange it for an in-person ballot.

Question: I’m not sure if I’m registered. Can I still vote?
Answer: Eligible Illinoisans can check their registration status online at the State Board of Elections website. Not registered? No problem. Illinois has same-day voter registration. Bring an ID and some sort of proof of your current address, and you can register as well as vote as late as Election Day at your polling place.

Question: I sent in my mail-in ballot, but I’m worried it wasn’t received. What can I do?
Answer: First, call your local election authority to ask if it was received. If not, you may still go to vote in person. They will give you a provisional ballot. If your mail-in ballot is eventually received, then the provisional ballot will be thrown out.

Question: I received notice that my ballot was cast out. What does that mean? What do I do?
Answer: The most common reason for a ballot to be cast out is issues with a missing signature on the envelope or the signature not matching the signature on file. If you receive a notice that this happened to you before Election Day, you may still either submit an affidavit verifying it was your ballot, or you may show up in person to vote.

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