Poll: 60% of Illinoisans don’t want Pritzker to run for president

Poll: 60% of Illinoisans don’t want Pritzker to run for president

Most Illinoisans don’t want to see Gov. J.B. Pritzker seek the Oval Office. Just less than a majority of voters support the job Pritzker is doing in Illinois.

Illinois Policy Institute polling found 60% of Illinois voters would not support Gov. J.B. Pritzker in seeking the Democratic presidential nomination in 2024.

The Lincoln Poll found 60% don’t want Pritzker to run for president, 28% do and 12% were unsure. The survey of 800 registered Illinois voters from Sept. 20-24 was conducted by Echelon Insights for the Illinois Policy Institute.

When grouped by parental status, 70% of parents surveyed did not want Pritzker to run in 2024, 20% did and 11% were unsure. Among non-parents, 56% didn’t want him to run, 31% did and 13% were unsure.

Pritzker has said he has no intention of running, but some have speculated he would be the candidate on the Democratic side if President Biden chose not to run.

Overall, 48% of voters said Pritzker’s been doing a good job. More voters strongly disapproved of Pritzker, 37%, than strongly approved, 25%.

Only 38% of parents strongly or somewhat approved of the way Pritzker is handling the governor’s office compared to 58% who somewhat or strongly disapproved.

Even though it’s almost certain he won’t run in 2024, Pritzker should take voters at their word and make Illinois a better place for parents. Click here for the poll toplines and here for poll crosstabs.

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