BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Rauner issues executive order halting collection of “fair share” union dues for employees of state government

February 9, 2015

CHICAGO (Feb. 9, 2015) – Today, Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner issued an executive order to stop collecting “fair share” union dues from people who work for state government but who have opted out of being a union member.

Illinois does not have Right-to-Work law. Because of this, most government workers must pay money to a union in order to keep their job. Employees who choose not to belong to the union are forced to pay “fair share” dues to the union instead. However, today’s executive order ends that practice.

An Illinois Policy Institute report,“Anatomy of influence: Government unions in Illinois,” illustrates how government unions use the money collected through forced dues.

Key facts from “Anatomy of Influence: Government unions in Illinois”: 

  • Because Illinois does not have a right-to-work law, most people who work for government – police officers, teachers, state government employees – must pay money to a union in order to keep their jobs.
  • Employees who do not want to belong to a union are still forced to pay money to a union called “fair share” fees.
  • This executive order would stop the practice of forced union financial support for employees of state government.
  • According to federal filings by the largest state employee union, AFSCME, only 51 cents out of every $1 in union dues goes to actual worker representation.
  • In 2013, AFSCME spent $463,943 on hotels, $107,059 on consultants and $654,295 on attorneys, according to federal filings.
  • In 2013 AFSCME reported spending $31,972 at its “holiday party” for staff and directors. The spending included hotels rooms and other party expenses, according to federal filings.

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