Unemployment report shows strong jobs growth despite significant manufacturing jobs decline

October 21, 2014

CHICAGO (Oct. 21, 2014) – Today, complete data showing Illinois’ unemployment levels were released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The September report shows mixed results, with Illinois gaining 19,300 net jobs but losing 2,800 manufacturing jobs. This expands on data released last week by the Illinois Department of Employment Security showing the state’s jobless rate dropping to 6.6 percent. The state’s net payroll job growth is one of the best monthly increases in the state over the past decade. However, Illinois still ranks worst in the Midwest for manufacturing job losses.

The nonpartisan Illinois Policy Institute’s Director of Jobs and Growth, Michael Lucci, issued the following statement on today’s jobless data:

“Illinois had a strong month for job growth in September. Gaining more than 19,000 payroll jobs in the state is a positive sign for Illinoisans who have been struggling to find work. However, Illinois has been incredibly slow in terms of putting people back to work compared to other states in the country since the end of the recession. At the current pace of growth, it will still take Illinois seven more years to recover the losses from the Great Recession.”

Below are some highlights from today’s jobs report:

  • Illinois payroll jobs growth of 19,300 is the sixth-best monthly jobs increase for the state in the past decade.
  • Despite the state’s workforce growing slightly by 5,800 in September, Illinois’ workforce participation rate is still at a 35-year low.
  • Illinois has 130,900 fewer jobs since recession losses began in January 2008. This is the second-worst recovery in the country.
  • Illinois has 99,000 fewer manufacturing jobs since January 2008, the worst record of any state in the Midwest.

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