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Vote by mail opens: Illinoisans to see Amendment 1 at top of ballot

PRESS RELEASE from the ILLINOIS POLICY INSTITUTE CONTACT: Micky Horstman (312) 607-4977 Vote by mail opens: Illinoisans to see Amendment 1 at top of ballot CHICAGO (Aug. 10, 2022) — Vote by mail applications for the Nov. 8 general election open today, along with the new ability to permanently request mail-in ballots. The first measure voters...

Historic 82 contested Illinois House races on the 2022 ballot

First time in decades more Republicans than Democrats run for Illinois General Assembly

Pritzker’s gas tax hike has cost every resident $277

Illinois drivers pay $3.5 billion in higher gas taxes under Pritzker

City Council decides fate of Lightfoot’s speed camera cash cow

Speed cameras cost Chicagoans $36 million so far this year, while fatal accidents set a record

Oak Lawn waives $500,000 in license renewal fees for a year

Illinois Policy Institute found businesses have faced $650 million in tax hikes

New signs remind drivers why gas taxes make fill-ups pricier in Illinois

New signs direct drivers to an Illinois Policy Institute calculator to find out just how much Illinois gas taxes, which are second-highest in the nation, added to their fill-up.

Chicago committee votes to repeal $59 million automatic speed camera ticketing policy:  Illinois Policy Institute statement 

“Chicago’s speed cameras turned out to be a huge cash cow for the city, at the expense of its residents. The repeal of the policy will save Chicagoans millions in potential speeding fines – particularly low-income families."

Permanent vote-by-mail option could boost Illinois voter turnout by over 200,000

With less than one week to go to the primary election, Illinois may see increased voter turnout because of new legislation that allows voters to request a mail-in ballot permanently and receive it for every local, state and national election.