Pritzker issues 39th emergency order as 43 states end covid policies

Pritzker issues 39th emergency order as 43 states end covid policies

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker intends to extend his COVID-19 emergency powers until May 11. Illinois is 1 of only 7 states still claiming disaster status as a result of COVID-19.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker for the 39th time has declared Illinois a disaster zone because of COVID-19, extending his emergency powers through March 5.

Pritzker has held emergency powers for over 70% of his time in office. Illinois’ disaster proclamation days may finally be numbered, with Pritzker saying he will end his declarations on May 11 to coincide with President Biden’s end of the emergency.

None of Illinois’ neighbor states are ruled through emergency powers. New York was once the epicenter of the pandemic, but their disaster emergency ended on Sept. 28.

Illinois is one of just seven states nationwide still calling the COVID-19 pandemic an emergency. Before Pritzker’s current declaration ends, it will be one of just six states.

California is still under a COVID state of emergency, but Gov. Gavin Newsom announced it will end on Feb. 28. Georgia is under a state of emergency, but for supply chain disruptions, not COVID-19.

Under a disaster proclamation, Illinois can still request federal funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cover COVID-19 related costs.

The pandemic caused some states to curb their governors’ uses of emergency powers. Arizona, Louisiana and Virginia all enacted laws in 2022 increasing legislative oversight of executive powers.

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