Angelique Warner

Angelique Warner

“The early days of the business were challenging both financially and finding time to make sure the needs of the business were met, all while caring for 18 children at home, four of my own – ages 4 and under – and 14 other children in our boarding school home.”

“Keeping all the children on a tight schedule with their wakeup times, morning routine and activities was critical. With money, it came down to my husband and I finding ways to save so we could put a few dollars toward the business and try to get it off the ground and see what we could do.”

“I had a vision for a product while I was breastfeeding my youngest and potty training my 1-year-old twins. Because I had to manage so many spinning plates, I made a deal with God, so to speak. If the product isn’t on the market when the baby turns 3, then I’ll work on it. And I left it alone for three years.”

“I took her to preschool on her 3rd birthday. The vision came back to my consciousness as clear as day. And it wasn’t on the market. I started an eight-year journey of research and design between drawing, sewing and testing. I have a psychology background, so I had no engineering experience. It was trial and error for eight years.”

“I went through what felt like every possible prototype. There were almost a dozen different designs. After each iteration, something was still missing. I took it to market in January 2016 knowing it wasn’t the final version because I had to get something out there, get some sales and customer reviews.”

“I called it ‘Nurse ‘N Go’ because that was the vision: nursing on-the-go. I eventually decided to rebrand because I’d meet mothers who’d pass on it saying ‘Oh, I’m not breastfeeding anymore’ and I saw money literally pass by me because they didn’t realize they could use it as a carrier.”

“Rebranding was frustrating after spending so much time and money, but I finally had an ‘aha!’ moment with a few design changes, trying to make the carrier structured enough to hold the baby in seven unique positions all in one product, the first of its kind.

“I rebranded it, GoGoVie. ‘GoGo’ means active and ‘Vie’ is French for life or lifestyle – meaning ‘Active Lifestyle.’”

“I brought it to my first trade show under the new brand in 2017. I was in Vegas at the ABC Kids Expo when I met the president of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance. She came by my booth and said I had the first hybrid between a sling and a buckled carrier and the first carrier to have seven unique carry positions with five breastfeeding positions. I finally did it!”

“I took GoGoVie to be tested. The testing company consulted with the government because they had never tested a hybrid before and they said if it can pass independently both as a sling and as a buckled carrier, it’s the first hybrid. I passed all the safety testing, and GoGoVie became the first hybrid. I am proud to hold a USA utility patent for the only multi-position hybrid sling and buckled carrier.”

“The biggest challenge is exposure, and the high costs to acquire new customers. People who learn about GoGoVie love it, and they will tell friends, but it hasn’t picked up enough traction or reviews. Gen Z and millennials check reviews before they purchase a product, even with recommendations.”

“Giant baby carrier brands have tens of thousands of reviews, even if they’re not the most comfortable or versatile. My goal is for GoGoVie to become a household name, the ‘Kleenex’ of baby carriers.”

“My biggest opportunity is the hospital sector. In 2023, I partnered with Rush Hospital and Franciscan Health. In 2024, I want to partner with even more hospitals. We want every mother who gives birth to go home with GoGoVie.”

“Like car seats, making baby carriers eligible for health savings accounts could help GoGoVie be the No. 1 choice of hospitals and support safe travel for babies and small children.”

“The vision and faith kept me going throughout this journey. I had a very clear vision of the functionality of GoGoVie and I had the faith to see it through.”

“Faith against all odds and perseverance have been the secret sauce catapulting me through the obstacles of entrepreneurship.”

Angelique N. Warner
Founder, GoGoVie
Chicago, Illinois

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