“I need to pay bills. I’m just terrified, because I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

“If my job does start back up, it will be five hours a week and I won’t be able to get unemployment. We need to pay our electric [bill]. We have to pay property taxes, water, Internet, phone bills and car insurance. Plus food and gas.

“I filed for unemployment a month ago. I worked for Goodwill Industries in Batavia. I was furloughed. I’m hopefully in the process of finding a different job, because I can’t count on this unemployment.

“I was on unemployment back in 2017.  All my information was in their system already and I still couldn’t get through [the Illinois unemployment system] online. After days on the phone a woman took my information and said my card would arrive soon – it took three weeks. I was freaking out.

“My payment was supposed to be deposited on this debit card. I keep checking the balance, and it keeps saying $0. KeyBank isn’t answering the phone. They’re refusing to pick up the phone completely. Something’s wrong  … it turns out there’s hundreds of other people having the same problem.

“They made a horrible mistake not having this system running well. They need to take responsibility for their choices.”

Ashley Lyn
Aurora, Illinois