“I’ve had about 17 years of buying and selling homes.

“There’s some good deals here. I’ve looked at some pretty big properties here. But the bigger commercial pieces are cheap because the taxes are high.

“We’re actively trying to buy more commercial property, and the realtors say ‘go ahead and pass [the property taxes] on to the tenants.’ Well that’s kind of a crummy answer.

“I haven’t bought a piece [of property] in about 10 or 11 months, because I’m trying to figure out whether I make another purchase here, and it’s weighing on me really, really heavily.

“We’ve grown up here. We’re attached to it. Both my parents are still alive. My wife’s mother is still alive. [Moving] would be a tough thing. But we’ve looked very, very hard at Franklin, Tennessee. …

“The word is ‘stuck.’ You’re born here, you’re raised here. Now you have a business here. You have grandkids here. You do feel stuck. I still haven’t made a decision. Sitting here today, I’m still struggling.

“If I’m going to get more commercial properties, if I can get the same rents over in Indiana or three and a half hours over in Iowa or six hours in Missouri, but have less tax and I know they’re going to stay there, that just helps.

“The Democratic/Republican thing … Let’s just do what’s right. Let’s just do what’s honest. Let’s do what’s best for our state and push the state forward.”

Bryan Reehoff
Reehoff Property Development, LLC
Island Lake, Illinois