Celia Bermudez

Celia Bermudez

“I have five kids. The first two went to public school. My oldest daughter took a placement test for private school, but at the time we could not afford it. She cried, but she accepted it. So she went to Morton West and she was fine, apparently.”

“When she went to college she called me and she said, ‘Mom, it’s too hard for me. I have classmates who know things. They were prepared for college, and I’m not.’ She had great grades and was top three in her class, but this did not prepare her for college.”

“My husband works, I have a part-time job, but this is not enough to pay tuition for the three youngest kids in private school.”

“The first time we got the scholarship, the experience was amazing. My kids had the opportunity to be in a smaller group and get better grades and be better prepared. That’s why my family needs to get this scholarship for next year and the years continuing. Please don’t stop this program.”

“The program does not take money away from public schools because I continue to pay taxes for the house. Also, the public school has enough money to do better than it is doing.”

“Our public school is overcrowded; safety is a concern. Also, we noticed the difference in the homework at their private school. My children there are more prepared for college.”

“We cannot keep them in this school without the scholarship. And if my kids go to the public school, they will not be prepared for college and maybe they cannot finish their careers.”

“My husband and I did not go to college. We don’t have any master’s or doctorates. But we want to prepare our children for their lives and for the future. Please allow this scholarship program to continue on. It affects my family and all families.”

Celia Bermudez
Mother of five
Chicago, Illinois

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