“I don’t have too much longer on this earth. I want to spend that time relaxing, not worrying if the politicians are taking money out of my pocket.”

“My pension ain’t that big. But they’re going to tax pensions if this [progressive tax] goes through. They’re going to come after our retirement because they’ll have to. I can’t afford that.”

“The real damage is going to be farther down the road. How could there not be further tax hikes down the road, when you look at how deep the state is in the hole already?”

“They’re in the hole for billions. How do you think they’ll get that money? They’re going to take it out of my pocket, your pocket and everyone else’s pocket. And they’re lying when they tell you they’re not.”

“I was born and raised on the West Side, right around Douglass Park. After I joined the Chicago Police Department in 1965, I spent most of my career in the 10th District on the West Side.”

“Every time they raise taxes here, they say it’s the last time – that they’re not going to raise them anymore. Remember when the Lotto money was supposed to go to the schools? Then the politicians got their hands on it. I don’t trust them.”

“I try to stay out of political conversations. But this is how I feel about it and I don’t know how anyone could feel different when you’re getting taxed and taxed, and the politicians keep lying.”

Don Wojtowicz
Retired police officer
Chicago, Illinois