Gina Williams

Gina Williams

“I recall when Pritzker instituted the gas tax hikes in 2019 and we immediately saw prices jump 20 cents per gallon. Now I think they are up about 40 cents per gallon from when he took office. Tack on the $2 per gallon increase since Biden took office, a gallon of gas went from about $2.20 to $4.40.”

“So $35 for a 16-gallon fillup is now $72 for the same. Unfortunately, my driving habits can’t change much – I have kids in sports which require 30-plus minute trips each way. So these gas tax increases take a bite out of other parts of our budget.”

“We are a family of five, so going out even to movies is a big expense that is tough to do regularly, even more so now. I’m definitely paying more attention at the grocery store and sticking to the basics: cooking more at home instead of eating out.”

“I know Pritzker is trying to ‘freeze’ taxes as though he’s doing us a favor, but any citizen who has been paying attention the past two years should be able to recall what he has done. He will resume the tax increases the moment he is re-elected.”

“I feel angry and manipulated by his latest moves to ‘help.’ He thinks we’re stupid and that the average Illinoisan isn’t capable of remembering his history of tax hikes!”

Gina Williams
Electrical equipment salesperson
Barrington, Illinois

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