Jesse Boyle

Jesse Boyle

“Uncertainty is a business’ worst enemy, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small business.

“It comes down to whether our policy leaders in Illinois have the political will to stop raising costs. It doesn’t appear that they do. And it’s not sustainable for a smaller business. It just isn’t.

“I know the first place [politicians] turn is to business. That’s where the money is. There are fewer voters there, so that’s the path of least resistance. This proposal on the progressive income tax to me is just a front for additional changes in the future, which is going to have a negative impact on everyone, regardless of where you sit on the income chain.

“Everyone says they always support small businesses. But what does that mean? When you’re foisting all these taxes and mandates on us, how is that supporting small businesses? Small businesses don’t run on fairy tales. They run on money.

“I wish there was a greater level of respect in our state for small business players in general. I wish that our politicians would understand the impact we have in our economic ecosystem. It’s like they say ‘oh they can afford it’ – mandate for paid leave, extra property taxes, extra income taxes … It’s almost like ‘you’re going to absorb it and you’re going to like it.’ I think that’s very disrespectful. It doesn’t give any credit to hardworking people in small business and the people who work with them.

“I think Chicagoans and Illinoisans in general are fairly generous in understanding that there are things the government needs to fund … The problem is there is no trust in Illinois government.

“Many people in politics have never managed a payroll. There are too many politicians who have never laid awake at night wondering how to make a payroll or how to make rent.”

Jesse Boyle
Owner, Ovie Bar & Grill
Chicago, Illinois

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