Jonathan Serrano

Jonathan Serrano

The last time voters in Illinois House District 3 in Chicago had a choice on their general election ballot was in 1996. Now, for the first time in 26 years, they will have a choice for state representative on Nov. 8. Jonathan Serrano was recruited by Illinois Policy to offer that choice and help end the voter suppression inherent in a system that fails to give voters choices.

“I was born and raised in the city of Chicago, in Uptown on the northeast side. I’m a product of the public school system here.”

“My father came here fleeing Cuba in the 1980s. It was during the exit of what’s called the Mariel boatlift. Cubans that left during that time are called, in Spanish, ‘Marialitas.’ He came here, met my mother and they fell in love.”

“Right after high school, I joined the U.S. Army. After I left the U.S. Army, I came back to Chicago and I got right to work in the business operations and sales space with a couple of companies. I later moved into the Chicago Public Schools system. I worked in a couple of capacities and finished my time as an operations manager, overseeing a $30 million portfolio of schools, finance, budgets, technology, security, facilities and food services.”

“Now I have my own financial services practice as well as a niche client whom I do business development for. We help small businesses enter the federal market. We help them to develop business plans, get funding and understand how to market themselves to get in front of the largest customer in the world – the U.S. government.”

“I want to serve. I’m doing what I like to do and I’m helping small businesses. They’re the backbone of America.”

“What I also want to do is help my community – Belmont Cragin, Riis Park – by helping the state become fiscally responsible.”

“The political environment emerging from 2016, 2020 elections is what drew me to run. The issues. The lack of compromise. The lack of respect. The inability for people to disagree and still work together. We can do better, especially here in Illinois.”

“I want the people in my district to know I will work to earn their trust. I want to work for the people, and it is an honor to have that opportunity.”

“I look forward to knocking on your door.”

Jonathan Serrano
Republican candidate, Illinois House District 3
Chicago, Illinois

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