“I head over to Indiana at least three times a month to get groceries, cigarettes, gas, anything that is taxed less. Part of it is that I’m trying to watch out for my pocketbook, the other part is to just not give any more of my tax dollars to Illinois.

“Politicians only care about themselves. It feels like you’re working to just pay taxes. I’m fed up with this state.

“I’m paying $4,000 in property tax on a condo. It feels like I’m being forced out. I have coworkers that have moved out to Florida, Nashville, Dallas, and when I hear back from them all I hear is how much less they’re paying for more.

“I had this retired vet[eran] on the floor below me. He didn’t come to the latest association meeting and when I spoke with him later, he broke down telling me he is losing his condo to property taxes. He had his mortgage paid off, but the property taxes kept going up. He couldn’t make it.

“I’m trying to give myself one year to get everything in order, and then I’m getting out. I don’t want to move out, I have family here. My sister-in-law just bought a place in Indiana, and she should be moving out within the next two weeks.

“When I look for homes to buy, I look everywhere but here. Homeownership is just impossible for me [in Illinois] with property taxes this high.”

Michael Serrano
Oak Lawn, Illinois