Susie Warden

Susie Warden

“I am a mom of five boys. We raised another boy, my husband was a football coach, so we have an extra. So four bio and one that came along in 7th grade. So a boy family. I’m a chiropractor.”

“Probably a couple of years ago, I was just running my business and I had really no idea politically what was going on. As I over the past couple years have seen what’s been going on and been more active, I really don’t see the unions trying to have the best going on for my kids.”

“Parents need to know what’s going on in the curriculum of the school. They need to see what the teachers are teaching, what language the teachers are using. And they need to be more transparent to what’s going on every day in the schools.”

“They’re more interested in teaching the kids about social things that are going on, and not success that is going to lead them to a better life. Not teaching them math or English, not necessarily letting those grades improve – in fact, they’re actually going down and down and down.”

“I trusted that I would drop my kids off at school and they were learning math, they were learning English and they were getting better, they were being taught steps to succeed. It’s just absolutely gone the wrong way.”

Susie Warden
Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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