Tina Lavery

Tina Lavery

“Baileigh enrolled at Trinity Christian late in the year of seventh grade. I pulled her and her twin sister from public school because of severe bullying. There was an incident where I could not send them back.”

“We had an anonymous donor pay her tuition for what was left of her seventh-grade year. For her eighth-grade year, she got an [Invest in Kids] scholarship. She graduated and moved to Yorkville Christian for high school. We are No. 1 on the waiting list for the scholarship at Yorkville.”

“We lost their father in 2019. Being at Trinity, finding her way back to God, helped Baileigh overcome some of the hurdles that her dad’s death has brought into her life.”

“Baileigh has a twin sister, like I said. Her sister is in residential treatment out of state and has been for the past year. Financially, that is a monumental task to undertake. Getting assistance with Baileigh’s tuition makes a huge difference for both of them.”

“The money we do have for her tuition now is from her father’s SSI income. If we weren’t paying for this now, anything we had left over from monthly expenses would be going into their savings accounts for college, their future and other expenses down the road. I don’t remember the last time I was able to put any of that money into their savings.”

“Obviously, if she doesn’t get the scholarship next year, those sacrifices will just have to remain in place.”

“It’s frustrating being first on the waiting list. I made sure back in January I was there the minute applications opened, filling it out for her.”

“It’s been 10 months now just waiting for word of what’s going to happen next year if they decide to take it away.”

Tina Lavery
Special education teacher
Plainfield, Illinois

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