Traci Crosby

Traci Crosby

“This allows my daughter to attend a school she loves and feels comfortable with and it’s a school that can focus on what she loves to do.”

“It’s a huge deal if this ends, especially with Leni being in the arts. She’s a part of [The Chicago Academy for the Arts’] dance program. There aren’t many other art schools. We’re able to afford CAA because of the [Invest in Kids] scholarship from Empower Illinois. We’re happy she’s there. If this ends, we would have to rethink a lot.”

“I was introduced to Empower when my son first got into high school. I tried to apply for it then, but I didn’t get it.”

“I applied last year for my daughter and I was just so happy we were able to receive it because tuition is expensive. And we really wanted her at The Chicago Academy for the Arts.”

“She feels so comfortable there, now starting her sophomore year. And that was it. I mean it really just helped us a lot more than anything.”

“She fits right in. There’s a public school, but it wasn’t the same as CAA. There, she was connected instantly. If this scholarship program ends, that’s just something we have to be prepared for.”

“We would have to start considering other schools right now because you have to test and try out to get into other art schools. So, you know, with the possibility of this program ending, I think we have to be prepared and see if she would even have a chance and to reapply.”

Traci Crosby
Chicago, Illinois

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