Voters oppose Chicago mayor’s tent city plan over 2 to 1

Voters oppose Chicago mayor’s tent city plan over 2 to 1

New polling shows Chicago voters mostly oppose Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan for using tent cities to house asylum-seekers in the city.

Chicago voters were over 2 to 1 in opposition to Mayor Brandon Johnson’s plan to house migrants in heated tents for the winter, according to the Illinois Policy Institute’s Lincoln Poll.

Of the 800 Chicago voters polled Oct. 18-22, 63%, somewhat or strongly oppose his tent plan compared to 28% in support with 9% unsure. Nearly half of voters, 46%, strongly oppose the plan.

Voters were asked: “How do you feel about Mayor Brandon Johnson’s proposed plan to house migrants in ‘base camps’ made up of large, heated tents in various parts of Chicago?”

Most Hispanic voters polled were strongly opposed to the tent plan, at 53%. But Hispanics were also the group showing the highest support at 33%.

Chicago signed a lease in Brighton Park with plans to build tents for housing the influx of migrants. Some residents filed a lawsuit against Johnson and the city asking for a preliminary injunction on the plans.

Johnson’s new budget earmarks $150 million for Chicago’s migrants, but he has also said the city is currently spending $40 million per month on the issue. The cost is projected at over $300 million by the end of 2023.

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