What DuPage County voters need to know for early or mail-in voting before April 6

What DuPage County voters need to know for early or mail-in voting before April 6

DuPage County voters have calendar dates to watch if they are voting early or by mail ahead of the April 6 election. Here’s what they need to know.

Early voting started Feb. 25 ahead of the April 6 consolidated election in DuPage County, with voters facing choices that impact their taxes, who represents them in local government and on school boards, as well as what they think about public policy questions involving property taxes, marijuana sales and video gaming.

Here is what you need to know about early voting and voting by mail in DuPage County ahead of the April 6 election.

When can I vote early?

Early, in-person voting with paper ballots began Feb. 25 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds and continues through April 5. Early, in-person voting using touch screens began March 22 and continues through April 5 at 15 locations across DuPage County.

Voters need not give a reason for voting ahead of Election Day on April 6. They also are not required to show identification at the polls, although having an ID available with your current address will help if election authorities have a question about an address or if they challenge a voter’s signature.

DuPage County early voting locations and hours can be found here.

Can I register to vote when I go to vote early?

Yes. You will need two forms of identification if you are registering for the first time or are changing your address. One of the IDs needs your current address. 

How do I get a vote-by-mail ballot?

Registered DuPage County voters can request a mail-in ballot through an online application.

To apply, residents will need an email address and the address where they would like the ballot mailed. In addition, voters will need either a driver’s license or the last four digits of their Social Security number to verify the registration.

The deadline to apply online for a mail-in ballot is April 1.

Residents may also pick up ballot applications at any DuPage County registration location. Registration locations can be found here.

Alternatively, voters can call the DuPage County Clerk Election Division to request a mail-in ballot at 630-407-5600. They can also use this form to mail the application.

How does mail-in voting work?

Once a registered voter’s application has been processed, the voter will receive a mail-in ballot return envelope. Voters can mail the ballot back to the DuPage County Clerk Election Division. The location and hours are listed here.

The ballot must be completed and either returned or postmarked no later than April 6.

Voters can track the receipt of their application and official ballot by the DuPage County Clerk Election Division by using the “Track Your Ballot” feature online.

Voters can call 630-407-5600 if they have questions or visit the Election FAQ webpage for general inquiries.

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