Where 9,600 low-income students find private-school choices

Where 9,600 low-income students find private-school choices

Invest in Kids scholarships helped more than 9,600 low-income students across Illinois attend a private school that better fit their needs. Here’s who represents their interests in Springfield.

More than 9,600 low-income students in Illinois are on the cusp of losing scholarships to a school of their choice – unless lawmakers extend the program in the upcoming fall veto session.

So where do those students go to school? Who’s responsible for representing their welfare in Springfield? See the map below.

Invest in Kids is a 75% tax credit for those who donate to private school scholarships for low-income children. It started in 2017 but will expire at the end of 2023. After that, those students will no longer receive that help attending the school of their choice.

If you aren’t sure which district you’re in, use the lawmaker lookup tool.

Thousands more – four times as many by one estimate – are in line for scholarships and waiting on lawmakers to extend the program this fall. If the program expires, those students will be left without options. Gail Clark is one of the parents relying on Invest in Kids for her son.

“If Invest in Kids sunsets, we would probably move out of state,” said Clark, whose son received an Invest in Kids scholarship. “The scholarship is the only thing that has kept us here for the last six years.”

You can use the search box below to find which schools in your area with low-income students rely on scholarships only possible through Invest in Kids, and how many students they help.

Want to help Illinois remain a place where impoverished families can choose to attend private schools? Contact your state representative and senator to ask them where they stand on renewing Invest in Kids.

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