October 9 2013

The Local Transparency Project is an encouraging example of a successful grassroots effort and a great resource for citizen activists looking to organize and mobilize.Sunlight Foundation

For democracy to work citizens need access to the information about what government does. Proactive online transparency is the best way to give citizens the opportunity to be educated participants in local government, fight corruption and put a stop to wasteful spending.

The Illinois Policy Institute is conducting Local Government Transparency audits of hundreds of Illinois’ nearly 7,000 local  taxing bodies and working with government agencies to make Illinois more transparent.

The Illinois Policy Institute has developed a 10-Point Transparency Checklist to provide a best practices framework for legislators and citizens to use in order to improve local government transparency.

*Local government entities scoring higher than 80 out of 100 will receive the Illinois Policy Institute’s Sunshine Award.

Contact Brian Costin, Director of Government Reform, at bcostin@illinoispolicy.org if you would like to help make local government agencies (municipalities, school districts, libraries, townships, park districts, counties, etc.) in your area more transparent and accountable.

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