College of DuPage president gets golden parachute in wake of scandals

College of DuPage president gets golden parachute in wake of scandals

College President Robert Breuder will receive a $762,868 severance.

The president of the College of DuPage, Robert Breuder, will receive more than $750,000 in exchange for his retirement under an agreement approved Jan. 22 by the school’s board of trustees.

Illinois’ second-largest college was revealed in October to have hidden more than $95 million in spending since 2009 – including hundreds of thousands of dollars in crony payments to businesses connected to college leadership, payments for satellite phones used for Breuder’s exotic hunting trips, his membership to a private shooting club and nearly a quarter million dollars in booze listed on ledger lines as “instructional supplies.”

In June, the college lost $20 million in state funding after emails were uncovered in which Breuder floated the idea that there was “no real need” for the money.

The agreement includes a promise to name a school building after Breuder – its $25 million Homeland Security Education Center – should he conduct himself in a way that is “not materially detrimental to the reputation of the Board and/or the College,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

It’s much too late for that.

Breuder and the board’s gross misuse of taxpayer and student dollars has deeply damaged the name of Illinois’ largest community college.

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