‘Local 1’: How Chicago Teachers Union impacts children, community

‘Local 1’: How Chicago Teachers Union impacts children, community

Illinois Policy Institute’s documentary about the history of the Chicago Teachers Union and its political influence is now available. Here’s a study guide about what the union has done to education in the city.

A new documentary from the Illinois Policy Institute shows how the Chicago Teachers Union came to be a dominant political force and the impact of their militant leadership on students, parents and the city of Chicago.

It also sets out solutions to those challenges.

“Local 1: The Rise of America’s Most Powerful Teachers Union” is now available at chicagoteachersunion.com.

Here are more resources from the Illinois Policy Institute to better understand the union’s priorities, the problems it has nurtured and its role in the lives of Chicago’s children, parents and teachers.

CTU impacts politics

CTU impacts education

CTU impacts people

  • Sarah Sachen: CPS parent on how CTU hurt her children’s educations
  • Ifeoma Nkemdi: CPS teacher who was bullied by CTU for opposing their tactics
  • Joe Ocol: Winning chess coach trying to keep his students off the streets targeted by CTU
  • Olivia Waldron: CPS teacher and parent on shameful antics that hurt kids
  • Toni Larocco: CPS parent on CTU keeping her daughter out of school

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