Save Chicago food trucks

Save Chicago food trucks

Chicago politicians passed a law in 2012 to allow food trucks to operate in the city, while severely limiting food truck owners’ ability to operate successfully.

The wording in the law favors brick-and-mortar restaurants and forces food truck operators to comply with burdensome regulations. Under the law, food trucks must refrain from operating within 200 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. This forces food trucks to fight each other for extremely limited operating spaces in the downtown area. If a food truck is fortunate enough to find an operating space, they are only allowed to remain in that location for two hours, which leaves little time to prepare fresh food and serve hungry customers.

Now Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to crack down on food trucks, which could force many of the city’s food trucks out of business.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has threatened to unleash an onslaught of fines and citations against Chicago's growing food truck community. Rahm's crackdown could force many of the city's food trucks out of business. It's time to fight back. Sign the petition to stop Rahm's crackdown on Chicago food trucks.

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