Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman: Statement on call for investigation

February 9, 2018
“Today, state Sen. Chris Nybo called for an investigation into organizations with which I am affiliated after the publication of a misleading hit piece by the Chicago Sun-Times.”Nybo told media that if my organization has nothing to hide, we should welcome a federal or state investigation with open arms. This statement should not be taken lightly. Illinoisans of all political stripes should shudder at the fact that a state lawmaker could so flippantly call for the use of government to silence dissent.

“Nybo is obviously doing the governor’s bidding. His reaction and the governor’s staged concern over the Sun-Times article are entirely political theater. Rauner is well aware of our entire coalition. He was briefed twice on what we’ve built including once at the governor’s mansion. He was so impressed with what we’ve built that he hired some of our top staffers. But in August, for the second time in less than three months, the governor had massive staff turnover, which is an indictment of his ability to lead.

“Regarding the Sun-Times story, the transactions described were reviewed by our legal and financial counsel, and withstand both legal and ethical scrutiny. It is important to note that the journalists describing them became aware of them specifically because of our scrupulous adherence to both the letter and spirit of the law: they are all publicly disclosed on our required financial forms.”


The Illinois Policy Institute is a think tank that promotes smaller government and free market principles.