July 26, 2022

Illinois drivers pay $3.5 billion in higher gas taxes under Pritzker


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Pritzker’s gas tax hike has cost every resident $277
Illinois drivers pay $3.5 billion in higher gas taxes under Pritzker 

CHICAGO (July 26, 2022) – While July saw historic gas prices across the country, gas prices tend to be higher in Illinois because the state has the nation’s second-highest gas tax, something Gov. J.B. Pritzker initiated when he doubled it to 38 from 19 cents per gallon in 2019.

That move means Illinoisans have paid an extra $3.5 billion for gas taxes under Pritzker, an increase of 62%, the Illinois Policy Institute found. The rising gas tax has cost every resident $277.

A family of four will pay nearly $1,100 more in state gas tax alone during Pritzker’s term.

When Pritzker doubled the gas tax, he also included an automatic annual increase tied to inflation. That increased the gas tax in 2020 and 2021. Pritzker also expanded local governments’ abilities to raise their own motor fuel taxes.

The governor paused the automatic increase in this year’s gas tax, so residents will now face two gas tax hikes on Jan. 1 and July 1, 2023. A year from now the gas tax is expected to hit 45.2 cents per gallon.

“Pritzker’s decision has led to significant pain at the pump,” said Adam Schuster, vice president of policy at the Illinois Policy Institute. “These taxes are set to perpetually increase, further hurting Illinois drivers once the election is over. Illinoisans deserve real relief, not election-year tricks.”

Illinois gas tax facts:

  • During Gov. Bruce Rauner’s last 18 months in office, residents paid an average of $118 million in gas tax per month. Since Pritzker’s hikes were implemented, Illinoisans now pay over $200 million per month on average.
  • Illinois currently has the seventh-highest gas prices in the nation.
  • All six of Illinois’ neighbors have fuel costs that are roughly 40 cents to a dollar cheaper than the average statewide price.

To read more about Illinois’ rising gas tax, visit: bit.ly/gastaxcost.

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