RIDESHARE AND LEGAL EXPERT AVAIL: Uber rideshare company announces company expansion in Chicago

September 29, 2014

Liberty Justice Center legal expert available to comment on Gov. Quinn’s rideshare legislation veto which led to expansion

WHAT: Today, Gov. Pat Quinn joined Uber, the popular rideshare company, as it announced that it is expanding its operations in Chicago. The company plans to expand its staff by adding 420 jobs in Chicago in the coming years.

Last month, Gov. Quinn vetoed legislation that would have crippled rideshare companies throughout Illinois and hurt consumers who enjoy rideshare services from companies such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. These rideshare services offer customers a safe and affordable transportation alternative. Quinn’s veto allowed rideshare services to continue to operate in Illinois largely uninterrupted.

WHO: Liberty Justice Center’s Senior Attorney, Jacob Huebert, is available to speak on today’s announcement, and the implications and outlook for rideshare services in Illinois. Huebert has researched and written extensively on rideshare companies in Illinois.


  • “Uber is now able to expand in Illinois, and Illinoisans can continue to enjoy service from rideshare services because Gov. Quinn vetoed these unfair and unnecessary restrictions. The state should consistently embrace innovation and entrepreneurship.”
  • “Quinn’s veto was the right thing to do for both rideshare consumers and drivers. The people behind the bills to restrict ridesharing claimed they wanted to protect consumer safety and create a fair marketplace. But in fact, the bills Gov. Quinn vetoed were about protecting the taxi industry from competition from ridesharing.”
  • “The bills that Quinn vetoed were not about public safety. This legislation would not have made consumers any safer than they already are under Chicago’s rideshare ordinance. So the defeat of those bills is a win for everyone: ridesharing drivers, consumers and the people who will have the new jobs announced today. The only people who lose are those who want to use special government privileges to enrich themselves at everyone else’s expense.
  • “The next step should be for the state and local governments to look for more ways to increase transportation freedom so the next great innovator won’t have to fight for its survival as Uber has. Chicago could start by abolishing its taxi medallion system, which impoverishes taxi drivers while making a handful of investors wealthy.”