Senate ‘grand bargain’ breakdown

Senate ‘grand bargain’ breakdown

The Senate adjourned yesterday without taking any votes on the "grand bargain."

Within the last 48 hours, nearly all Republican support for the “grand bargain” budget proposal dwindled, and the Illinois Senate lacked the overall support to even call the bills for a vote.

This is a huge win for taxpayers in the ongoing fight to shore up Illinois’ finances. 

The fight is not over, as Senate President John Cullerton, D-Chicago, and Minority Leader Christine Radogno, R-Lemont, will continue to amend and change deadlines on the overall package.

Follow the links below to see how state senators voted on the various “grand bargain” bills brought to the floor:

Cullerton never called additional pieces of legislation that were part of the “grand bargain” plan for a vote: Senate Bill 1 – education funding reform; Senate Bill 2 – minimum wage increase; Senate Bill 4 – bonding for debt restructure; Senate Bill 9 – tax increases, closing corporate loopholes and tax credits; Senate Bill 10 – local government assignment of receipts; Senate Bill 11 – pension reform; Senate Bill 12 – workers’ compensation reform; and Senate Bill 13 – property tax freeze and mandate relief.

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