“I lived in Illinois my entire life until April of this year. My wife and I moved to Cypress, Texas, outside of Houston. I’m back in Chicago for a conference.

I was paying $12,000 a year in property taxes in Highland Park. As soon as I had to get a property tax attorney a light bulb went off. What am I doing?

On April 15 I felt like a little kid. I essentially got a pay raise. I saved over $1,000 a month on income taxes. And our house is 50 percent larger than our house in Highland Park, yet I’m paying $50 less a month in property taxes. And our school ratings are just as good if not better …

They cannot continue with this out-of-control spending. The insanity in Illinois, I didn’t see it changing. I gave up hope.

My daughter was born a Texan. But she’ll grow up loving the Bears.”

Alex Schmidt