Argie Karafotias

Argie Karafotias

Click here for Karafotias’ Your Story from earlier in the pandemic.

“I live the American Dream. I came here with nothing and right now have multiple businesses. Before the pandemic, we were growing fast with big companies. We were worth, our restaurant, more than $1 million.”

“But it was a striking moment when we heard the governor say, ‘Everyone’s closing down.’ That was like a big heart attack right there.”

“One day you hear on the news that you’re closing down and you can do only take out. And for a month, me, my partner and all our family were like, ‘What do we do now?’”

“The pandemic happened. We lost more than $500,000 and now we’re trying to bring back the business by changing our menus and recontacting those same people. Now we’re just trying to survive.”

“I just want to make people happy. Food is one of the main reasons people are happy.”

“And people know that this restaurant always supported local businesses and the community, and our village. I’m a member of the Board of Directors for the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce in the executive committee. We’re also sponsoring schools, working with [Arlington Heights School] District 25 and [High School] District 214.”

“I live the dream. And that dream is still here. People can do it.”

Argie Karafotias
Golden Brunch owner
Arlington Heights, Illinois

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