“This is an impossibility. But it’s here. The road to get here … it’s basically insurmountable. If I would have seen the end before the beginning, the beginning would have ended very quickly.

“Today is a victory for the people. It’s truly a victory for the people. We got elected on two subjects: a tax revolt and reforming township government throughout Illinois. We’ll be looking forward to township consolidation and elimination.

“I’ll have critics. But I knew that there was a big change coming of people looking into all these units of government. I knew that from talking to people.

“I was asked to take down the ‘abolish townships’ sign outside of my barbershop when I was running [for the township board]. So I brought it in. But the day after the election I put it back out. The township buses go by it every day, the township road district people go by it every day. They know I’m serious about moving forward.

“One thing people should know is that townships aren’t really about the money. They’re not a large part of your property tax bill. This issue is more about the structure of our government.

“These are the people who put everybody in the county office. These are the people who put all your state senators and state representatives down in Springfield. And when they get there what do they do? They fight every bit of change.

“In the last year there’s been more consolidation legislation than ever, and it’s still getting knocked off by the township officials of Illinois. But there’s so much coming they can’t attack it all. That’s a great thing.

“I’m going to go back to the barber shop in a few minutes, change clothes and get back to work.”

Bob Anderson
McHenry township trustee

Today, Wonder Lake barber Bob Anderson was sworn in as a McHenry township trustee. We caught up with him after the ceremony to ask what this means to him and his community. You can learn more about Bob’s story here: [link].