“I was homeless before I got this job.

I sat right out here for years with a sign that said ‘Please help.’ Every day, for years, even with eight feet of snow out here. Every day.

People look at me a lot different now. They were seeing me sitting on the ground, now they see me standing up here.

I was a heroin addict for 13 years. But I got on methadone and started thinking a lot clearer. Being able to work, it keeps your mind off of it and allows you to focus on a lot of other more important things. It’s taken me far away from there …

When this is over with I have to figure something else out, but I’m doing night school. I’m trying to get my life back the way it should be. This job has been a big deal in [helping with] that.

A lot more opportunities are opening up right now. Stuff where I never would have had that chance. I’m going to do something. I know that. What’s it going to hurt to try?”

Jason B.
Chicago, Illinois