John Falcone

John Falcone

“I read the proposed amendment and in my mind these protections are already in place. I have been a manager in manufacturing, construction and [a safety, health and environmental] manager. Employees are already protected against repercussions from your employer for speaking up, so why do we need additional laws or protections?”

“Unless there are ulterior motives.”

“In my mind, it’s just a union boss money grab. I have been in the union, been through union decertification and through the grievance process. Any new laws are not to protect freedoms but to take them away.”

“This makes union contracts more powerful than state law, so neither voters nor lawmakers will have a say. And union members won’t have a say, either, if they disagree with union bosses because the contract will become the law.”

John Falcone
Retired plant manager
Edwardsville, Illinois

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